Our Story... so far!

Owner, Rich Howes (fka Rich Baker), has been a graphic designer since 2002. Self-taught in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, he got his start producing advertising for his band's gigs. In 2009, while struggling with severe back pain, he was told by his physiotherapist to "either give up drumming or give up walking.", which only fuelled Rich's passion more. He decided that, if he couldn't play, he would teach. To do this, he decided to open his first business, Beat This! Drum Store, in 2010. The store was the first of it's kind on the Isle of Wight, and was a huge success. The store garnered a lot of media attention and achieved a Highly Commended award for Best New Business in the 2011 Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. Every aspect of the business was undertaken solely by Rich, which was a huge learning experience and would prove invaluable down the line.

Sadly, life would become extremely difficult from 2013 onwards. Through many personal tragedies and mental health difficulties, Rich would rebuild his life. In late 2017, a decision was made that would change Rich's life forever. In the face of severe anxiety, he made plans to take a trip to Tokyo, flying out on New Years Day 2018. Spending a week in Tokyo, Rich made connections with various people, including many wrestlers that he would later go on to design for, under his Smack Talk! brand. To find out more, click here.

In the latter part of 2018, Rich realised that people only really knew that he produced wrestling based designs. He wanted to showcase more of his skillset, the various media he could produce and find more clients who could benefit from his abilities. As is the case with these things, it was late at night and an idea struck. While wondering about how best to promote his work, he thought "I wonder if there's a design company called Graphic Content?". By some strange twist of fate, there wasn't! Thus, the concept for Graphic-Content U.K. was born, the name being changed slightly to come into line with the domain name! In February 2019, after leaving his job to persue graphic design full-time, Graphic-Content U.K. officially became a reality.

As we headed into 2020, life started to take many more twists and turns. With the world locking down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Rich decided that the lockdown period would be "a chrysalis, a time to develop and grow and become more.", which led to a re-evaluation of his business, branding and methodology.

Rich realised that, while Graphic-Content U.K. had been a real shot in the arm, it wasn't search engine friendly enough, and didn't reflect the true nature of what he did best! He felt that something more "wrestling" would be a much better fit. So, who else do you look to when you want the best in wrestling branding? Ric Flair, of course! Immediately, the words "Style 'n' Profile" came to mind. It was like a bolt of lightning! With renewed energy and passion, Style 'n' Profile Design is now creating for wrestlers, musicians, influencers and businesses globally, providing that same level of customer service, passion and attention to detail that started this journey over 17 years ago!

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